Photography Spotlight- Alva Bernadine

alva bernadine sadie-coffee-tableAlva Bernadine is a British photographer, so dedicated to his craft that he risks his freedom… literally.  He has a new book called Gratuitous Sex and Violence: My Favourites.  The images investigate the violent nature of sex and the sexual nature of violence.  The images make you feel uncomfortable, but command your attention.  Alva is a seasoned veteran, having worked for 25 years as a photographer for many publications like GQ, Elle and Vogue.  Get mesmerized by Alva’s erotic surrealism!

alva bernadine mimi-death alva bernadine birds alva bernadine foot-stool alva bernadine slap alva bernadine acupuncture-seated alva bernadine Sleep alva bernadine lick-eye

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