Julie Mehretu Assistants

This video consists of a series of interviews with Julie Mehretu’s team of assistants.I’m not sure if I’m disgusted or just jealous about the massive space that Mehretu has as a studio. Something about this feels too sterile and emotionless. What do you think?

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  • Julie Mehretu’s depressed assistants.

  • Amir

    haha I’ve heard that as well!

  • I dont think there are any emotions in the studio, the art, or the assistants. Its a perfect working area for the pieces created.

    Maybe the overhead projector has some emotions.

  • DHM

    sick! and not in a good way 🙂

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  • lilo

    This is so wierd,
    how can she call it her work when there is so many people involve helping creating it. I t should be a colaboration of artists.

    I thought the main point of being an artist is the plesure of creating your own work….

  • Amir

    Lilo, Many artists have had teams of assistants. Even Rembrandt had many assistants helping him in the studio. He only did the finishing touches on many of his masterpieces. A good analogy is to think of Architects. They design, plan, and coordinate the look and feel of the building but they aren’t out there laying the bricks. With that said it does seem like a very sterile environment.

  • Anthony

    I was an assistant in that project and it was the shit! Yeah there were a lot of us, but we were a family and the filming doesn’t show exactly the normal workday, there was also music playing and the vibe of the studio was one of the most important aspects for all of us to work with. Some research within art history will show you that most major artists all had assistants. Artists get to a certain point where they can’t physically handle all the workload….do you think you could stretch a 30x80ft canvas all by yourself on top of creating 7 huge Guggenheim paintings all in one year? I’m not hating I just think it’s easier for someone to complain instead of providing constructive criticism. And the most important thing should be to appreciate the efforts this one artists is making and her contributions within the art world.

    Who cares if an artist needs help producing the work, it all depends on how you look at it. She brought a lot of artists together and it definitely enriched all our lives.

    Julie is the shit and she’s one of the most honest and heart warming individual I’ve met along the road.

  • lilo

    I honestly did not know that artist use assistant,(not an art expert) I always thought they work by themselves, only curious about this, nothing to take from the artist and her talent.