Bushwick Schlacht

Picture 002If painting is your thing, there’s a very good pop-up group show up in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.  It’s only up for two days.  Hung from floor-to-ceiling, the paintings disperse across the space in the configuration of an explosion.  A bunch of artists who’ve been featured on B/D are in it: Tom Sanford, Jeremy Willis, Eddie Martinez, Aaron Johnson, and Eric Yahnker.  There’s a huge list of people in the show.

Picture 051

Tom Sanford and Guillermo Creus face off.  These two curated the show, along with Marcel Hüppauff.  You can see it from Noon to 7pm on Sunday, and then Monday by appointment.  It’s being promoted as a “battle,” schlacht is German for battle, between American and German artists.  The art is split roughly 50/50 between the two.

Picture 023

Picture 004

Picture 011

The address is 245 Boerum Street, Brooklyn NY

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  • Tom

    Thanks for coming out to the ‘hood Bill. It was a fun party and no one (except the Germans) got hurt!

  • No prob, danke for the heads up.