Ariana Page

Ariana Page

Ariana Page has discovered the skin’s reaction induced welts – light scraping, scratching, drawing with needles, etc and decided to turn it into art. A similar approach would be to fall into a very heavy and abyss-like sleep with your arm under your pillow the whole night and wake up with crop circles embossed into your skin.

Ariana Page

Ariana Page

Ariana Page

Ariana Page

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  • YES YES YES!!!!!

  • Marisa

    Absolutely stunning. I am curious as to how long it lasts on the skin as I assume it fades away? Love it. Want it.

  • Amir

    this is a bit creepy ladies. I borders on cutting which is very sad/nasty.

  • yeah, this is hard to look at.

  • somebody likes sagmeister!

  • Lana

    I think you guys need to do some research before you compare this artwork to sleeping on some folds or self-mutilation – from what I saw on other blogs, she has a skin issue where her skin immediately welts up (it does go away, I guess). She’s not hurting herself, it’s what her skin does naturally. It’s actually pretty amazing that she has turned this into visually attractive photos.

  • ^ lol. yes creepy/pretty… ouch tho.

  • matthew

    have none of you ever scratched your arm or something

    seriously even the totally normal abrasion of just scratching an itch will leave a bright red mark (at least on this kind of skin tone) for a minute or two

    all she’s done is press something raised against her skin a while

    kinda creepy four people in row don’t understand this, like how can you live in a body long enough to learn to type words on the internet and not know this

  • Fei

    Lana, thanks for that information! I didn’t mean to compare the act of it to something as simple sleeping on folds in a degrading way, it’s just surprising how the body reacts to certain pressures and how marks are left. It’s almost a little magical (?). When I’ve gotten scraped by something before I looked at the welt that was formed and thought “is this really on my body?”. I agree that it’s amazing and very beautiful. I don’t think that it’s self mutilation at all. It’s interesting to see that this sort of art is still taboo.

  • matthew #2,
    i dont think any of us were confused about how she did this, though i would say you should maybe go to a doctor if youre getting these reactions from normal abrasions.
    its the nature of self inflicted injury (minor as it may be) that gives people weird reactions, and that kind of reaction is something thats pretty hard-wired into human beings… you know with evolution, self preservation, millions of years blah blah blah.

    also, im guessing that these kinds of reactions are, to a large extent, intended by ms. page. otherwise, these would be just pretty photos.
    so, i dont know… lighten up maybe.

  • Amir

    well said drew.

  • camille

    I am the same skin thing, fades in 20 minutes for me, it doesn’t hurt, it’s called demographia. So yeah she made it look pretty, but I’d say it’s really easy to do. Too bad people think it’s mutilation, I guess people are easy to freak out.

    Last info: it only reacts to certain scratches, for example a tattoo needle didn’t make me swollen at all 🙂 In a way these are ephemeral tattoos after all

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  • Coralie Pham

    This is what I saw on my skin today !!!!! WTF is that ?!!!