John Millei: Abstraction Master

I haven’t seen a show that has blown me a away in some time so it was amazing to see the current show at Ace Gallery by John Millei. I wasn’t familiar with Millei’s work but apparently he’s been making abstract painting for a while, working in various styles and techniques. I had a few minutes to walk through the show but I can easily say that this is some of the most important abstract painting being done in the last 10 years. My favorite pieces in the show were the black, white, and silver paintings from the Quicksilver, and Maritime series. These are massive paintings that command attention in both their complex compositions and masterly paint handling. The photos just don’t do the work justice as the subtle colors and layering are lost in translation. If you’re in the LA area do yourself a favor and check out this show. I already have plans to make a second and third trip myself.

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john millei

john millei

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  • I am always intrigued by an artist’s rendering of a wave. Sorry to hear about this dude’s friend. Sadly tragedy always seems to lead to great works of art. I must say, I really like these too. I just sent this link to my two uncles. One still lives in Southern California and surfs daily. The other lives in Florida. I’m stuck in nyc and I miss the ocean. I love how his paintings are caked on and never leave the frame. “Maritime” is such a good freaking name too. John Millei, you bud, have a new fan.

  • Thanks for posting this up, it’s really cool to hear him explain his execution, and inspiration for these peices. The mark making and layering are insane. I was fortunate to have him as a teacher, and he was really helpful, challenging, and shared some good stories of the surfing days! Can’t wait to see these massive pieces up close.

  • Leo

    Great show…not usually impressed by a lot of painting going on these days, but this show was impressive.