I’m Gaga for Philip Treacy


Philip Treacy takes millenial millinery to new heights! His outlandish creations play with conceptual implication of hats- which, in Treacy’s world are more like bizarre sculptures that people can wear on their heads. Hats don’t just hide bad hair days, but transform into rococo floral landing pads for butterflies, the moon and stars, or….another face?  His heshin’ haberdashery is favored by everyone from British Royalty to Lady Gaga, pictured above rocking a Victorian mourning veil inspired face-lace.  You may now kiss the bride….of Frankenstein.





Picture 13

Picture 11

Picture 8

Picture 12

Picture 10

Picture 9

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  • Gladys

    uuuuuu….this is a WIN! post~

    I can’t say which one is my favorite…

    Them be gorgeous hats….

  • coh

    can’t believe I missed his show when he came to Dublin a few years back. gah!