bloodlines_small Bobo is an art collective that emerged out of the Providence scene post-Fort Thunder.  I really love Bobo’s poster “The Global Order of the Youngbloods,” it’s an overdose of occult and conspiracy infotainment.  Bobo has managed to create a fun scene on their own terms.  They ran a space in Philadelphia for a while, but now seem to be arranging/curating shows in New York, and performing as a band.  Annie Pearlman brought them to my attention when I was doing a studio visit with Brian Belott.


These three pics are from a project where they create brand labels.  Bobo then prints out the labels and sticks them to burned and melted piles of garbage.


You can hear Bobo’s musical project on their myspace page.  They’ve collaborated with Ryan Trecartin as well.


Bobo is going to be in a group show at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn that opens March 6th.

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