Size Does Matter

How’s this for a big surprise… Shaquille O’Neal has curated an exhibition at the FLAG Art Foundation in New York that opens this weekend and runs through May 27th. Fittingly titled Size Does Matter, the show explores different ways that scale affects perception, which shouldn’t be much of a shocker because the big fella checks in at 7’1″ and over 320 pounds! Some of the artists he picked for the exhibition include: Chuck Close, Tim Hawkinson, Ron Mueck, Andreas Gursky, Evan Penny, Richard Pettibon, Elizabeth Peyton, Cindy Sherman… Shaq might have got a few pointers along the way, but those are some heavy hitters, and the complete list is pretty dang impressive. There’s even a comprehensive catalogue with an essay by bestselling author and big fraud James Frey – hey nobody said there wasn’t an element of promotion going on. Here’s an interesting little interview from New York Magazine. Love this Q & A –
Do you ever get time to visit museums?
I used to go a lot with my kids. Donald Trump is a great friend, and he has four or five Picassos on his plane. And that’s where I would look at them. One time, I was at a museum and tried touching a Picasso. You break it, you buy it, they said. I was told it would cost $2 million.

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