Gareth Pugh

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While Gareth Pugh’s latest collection for Spring 2010 explores a more “mature” experimentation with diaphonous fabrics and a more subdued tone on tone, I prefer his more outlandish, performative sculptural fashion pieces from past seasons. You can’t beat his futuristic death-metal cube-hesher above, seemingly harbinging the coming of Y2K through Swarovski crystals. Or an entire stole made out of white mink-mice replete with red eyes, fit for some ghastly rodent Ice Queen from a savage Viking town….

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  • Fei

    one of my favorite designers. also, we are twin brain-wave-ing, my post that went up right after yours shares the same feeling (images before the read more) HAHAH.

  • OMG that’s super funny ’cause I noticed your Thorsten Brinkman post! I totz saw his work at Basel and thought he was the best artist there and I think blogged him on our old blog, haha!!! I still have his catalog somewhere, awesome work.

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