Marc-Philippe Coudeyre

Picture 25Marc-Phillipe Coudeyre’s line, “Black Renaissance,” combines the Rococo-ruffled sensibility of cocoon-puffed panier hoop-skirted volume, the gold-stud, gold leather, feather fur glam-rock aesthetic of Ziggy Stardust, and the morosely black capelets characteristic of Victorian mourning attire. The end result is a collection that is fit for a bizarre, alien Avian-human hybrid from the future. I definitely wouldn’t mind living on one of his planet’s black moons. Hailing from Antwerp, Coudeyre epitomizes the Belgian progressive aesthetic. Courtesy of the Flanders Fashion Institute, he will be showcasing his designs at New York Fashion week, at Showroom Antwerp.

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  • Someone wearing this would look like a powerful person from the future.