Karim Hamid

Picture 7

The work of Karim Hamid, as the artist states is “interested in the process by which the female figure is objectified by the archetypal male gaze.” The naked figures are mutilated and leveled to one plane with the background making the main objects in the paintings create tension since they’re all sharing one dimension. The subtle muted colors, and the rough painting manner combined with bedrooms as backdrops, portray an indication of the women’s figure objectification throughout history, as well as today’s media insatiable need of it.

Picture 6

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Picture 1

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  • GnXd

    this art speaks, speaks a lot. i like it.

  • This work is great. It’s emotionally unnerving but speaks volumes.

  • nice color and space in these. I don’t know if I believe the intellectual thing about objectifying women though – these have a soft-porn attractiveness to them which makes me feel not think.

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