2-UP is pleased to announce its inaugural edition, a collaborative poster created by artist Monika Zarzeczna and curator Nathan Lee. This is the first in a series of collaborative poster editions to be produced by 2-UP in the coming year. Please join us for a launch party on Saturday, February 20th from 5-7 PM at Printed Matter Inc., 195 Tenth Avenue, NY, NY.

For the first publication of 2-UP, members Nathan Lee and Monika Zarzeczna have culled materials from their personal archives to create a two-sided, black and white offset poster. One side notes a passage from Herman Melville’s 1846 novel Typee –worn out, half forgotten, marked by the stain of some unremembered beverage on a sheaf of lined paper.  The reverse side presents the view from an artist’s studio no longer inhabited: a digital photograph retrieved, printed, marked, manipulated, and collaged.

Comprised of 16 artists and writers, each month 2-UP pairs two of its members together to produce a double-sided poster, packaged in twos.  The content of each poster is entirely a product of the participants ‘up’ each month. The complete series of 2-UP editions is available for a modest subscription fee; individual editions are available for a suggested donation of $2. Production of each poster is funded by monthly contributions from each member, with all proceeds from the sale of posters re-invested into the project. 2-UP aims to produce low-cost multiples in large editions, guided by the idea that the value of art can exist independently of money and irrespective of rarity.

Initiated by Adam Shecter and Joe Winter, 2-UP is Nathan Lee + Monika Zarzeczna, Davina Semo + Colleen Asper, Ben Dowell + Mores Mcwreath, Cathy Park Hong + Zerek Kempf, Glen Fogel + Craig Kalpakjian, Joe Winter  + Christian Hawkey, Cate Marvin + Benjamin Kress, Adam Shecter + Matthea Harvey.

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