Connie Wong

connie wong ear wax

Open your eyes and clean out your ears, kids.  Connie Wong has some fresh artwork to accompany your Wednesday morning.  Ear wax and boogers have never been cooler.

connie wong nose boogersconnie wong noses connie wong eyebrows connie wong ears connie wong moles

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  • Fei

    Hahaha I love these! Weird, because I’ve been contemplating ear wax lately for some reason. The mole-hairs one is especially genius too. I remember being freaked out by them but Connie’s drawing is changing my perceptions..also, check out my gravatar, it looks sort of like one of her pieces!

  • HAHA this reminds me of those neat YouTube videos on cyst-popping and blackhead-extracting. Heh heh

  • I dunno, ear wax and boogz are pretty awesome all the time

  • Eww Alexis! What Youtube vids are those?!??!

  • hell yeah…my ninja