The Heavens Smile Upon B/D


Well bless Saturn’s moon, if ain’t Mr. Roy G. Biv stoppin by to bend his multi-colored grin right on over the offices of Beautiful/Decay! And not one, but two heavenly bows of Indra gracing our window! We happened to notice this full bow, DOUBLE rainbow straight from our office window this eve, I swear! Ah, and then, it was gone….as Virginia Woolf once said, it was all just as ephemeral as a rainbow.

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  • looks like los angeles apologizes for the rainy day!

  • Gladys

    We have been glorified~ All hail B/D…..haha

  • Haha seriously, what a lovely apology letter!

  • I was inside the Novel Cafe and didn´t see 🙁

  • Zaky! What a bummer! Nice to meet a fellow Traction Avenue-er