Goodbye, Monroe!


Monroe Dinos-Kaufman has been with us for just a few short weeks here at the offices, but has helped us out immensely! Monroe is on the cusp of launching his super-star art career in the big apple! You can read his abundant contributions to the B/D blog here. While perusing various sentiments to impart upon you, like: “Have a great trip to NYC!” or “Keep up the great work!” I realized that a very, very special piece of poetic poetry I discovered on the internet entitled “Special Friend Poem” (©  Sharon Degraw) might do the trick:

Our acquaintance has been only a short time,
But our time spent is so gentle on my mind.
How is it that we become so full of certain people?
Like a ray of warm sunshine
that goes on and on
never to end….
Never wanting it to end!!
Feelings so full of warmth.
Smiles so easily crossing lips.

Oh yeah! Bon Voyage Monroe and thanks again for all your help! (View some of his artwork after the jump!)

monroedk1 monroedk4 Monroedk3 Monroe

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  • Gladys

    Oh wow~ I didn’t know you were leaving so soon~ Anyway, enjoy NYC and remember to be grouchy and rude all the time~

    That’s how you know people are nice over there~ hehe^^ j/k…Best of Luck!

  • Gladys

    By the way, Emperor ZIGGY, a.k.a. B/D mascot, is looking cheeky as always~ He needs a crown~

  • Seriously, he never misses an opportunity to get in front of the camera….go figure it’s Monroe’s “big” moment to shine, and Ziggy has to creep on in there for a shot….