Brent Wadden

German based artist Brent Wadden has shown his psychedelic drawings and paintings all over the world, and with good reason. He also makes intense wall drawings and installation pieces that remind me a little of Andrew Shoultz’s work in all its expansive grandeur. Perfectly executed and beautiful in its simplicity, it’s the kind of art I love to stumble upon late at night when I should be sleeping.






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  • LOVE! Mandalic mystic fractalz

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  • I like all of these. The B&W ink drawings use pattern in a such a snazzy way to create the illusion of space, but they don’t feel like formal modernist paintings – interestingly they feel romantic – like they could be mock-up drawings to plan sculptures for a new age theme park.

  • genial

  • champ

    Really orignal designs and colors somtimes i think all these psycadellic ‘hipster’ painting start to look the same all of the time but this one stands above the rest. The use of pattern and color is very original also very bright he seems to be paving the way in the use of bright color also very unique/orignal use of repeating geometic pattern. Nice! very very original.