Wizard Smoke

Personally, I never understood how dudes could sit in perfect rapture in their basements, eating cereal and wearing vans, watching other dudes ride around on wooden planks with wheels for hours on end. (OK, I secretly wanted to be one of those dudes.) Anyways, thank you, Salazar for creating a dusty, semi-mystical video with colored smoke and potions that at least, for an instant, made me feel what it’s like to be one of those dudes.

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  • sick!

  • Mark

    couldnt think of a better way to start my day!
    Thanks for sharing

  • Rad thanks!!

  • chris

    really amazing video!
    my only critique is that the audio choice is horrbile.

    good non the less.

  • Amir

    You can’t win them all Chris!

  • Awww really? I had the pleasure of seeing Sky Saxon in Portland last year before he passed. Not a fan of classic psychedelic garage rock, I ‘spose…