Gianna Commito

droit, wcolor and gouache, 12 x 18

Gianna Commito makes paintings that feel almost sign-like – like a road sign warning you that the road has erupted and time is about to stop.  The watercolor and gouache, or w.color and casein paintings don’t let you through the rabbit’s hole too quickly, but when given consideration they transform into tumultuous, imploding space scapes with virtuoso shifts in direction and scale.  Using architectural source imagery allows the abstract paintings to have oddly real looking color and light shifts.  In an interview Gianna compared the space in her paintings to origami or the inside of a tent.  More paintings and a studio shot after the jump…

hub, wcolor and casein, 28 x 20

Hub, W.Color and Casein, 28 x 20″

Gianna Commito's Studio


moc, wcolor and casein, 28 x 20

Moc, W.Color and Casein, 28 x 20″

falls, wcolor and casein, 24 x 30

Falls, W.Color and Casein, 30 x 24″

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  • Johan Strauss

    many errors of composition

  • Kinda like these. I think it is the palette that really works best with these. Imagine them becoming sculptural.

  • Amir

    I agree. I could see sculptures of them as well.

  • Looking forward to showing Gianna’s work at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary this May. These paintings seem to create a nice dialog with the painters out of Leipzig for it’s color – and with other abstractionists Like Eric Sall and perhaps conservative hints of maximal artists like Wil Murray….