Exploring The Los Angeles Art Scene With Me!

Somehow along with doing Beautiful/Decay, making my own art and occasionally sleeping, I have also been teaching a class called “Exploring The Los Angeles Art Scene” at UCLA for the last six months. The word “teaching” actually might be a bit misleading as we don’t meet in a classroom, and there are no tests or lectures. It’s more like a series of field trips that we take to some of the most exciting galleries, artist’s studios, and collections in and around Los Angeles. We meet at a new location on the first Saturday of every month and get an insiders view into some of the major (and aspiring major) players in the LA art scene. I never bothered posting about the class on here but it occurred to me that it may be interesting to some of you out there in blog land.


Starting in January I’ll be teaching the class once again and visiting a whole slew of new galleries and artists all around town. There are around 25 slots for the class and half are already filled so If you’re looking for something fun to do on Saturday mornings sign up and join professor Amir!

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  • Bighead

    Do you think you will be still doing this in the spring or the fall quarter cause ill be nire than down once i move down into the city ive been in santa cruz for a while but im originally from LA and i would love to join and learn more about my hometown and its artistic roots/pathways

  • Amir

    Yup I should still be doing it. I’ll try my best to announce additional classes on the blog!