dbp13ts - period 13 attractor by rabinal

Not sure what the process is, or what we’re looking at, but the official response to “….How…?” is: “This is a typical electronic chaotic system. The circuits and block diagram are published elsewhere in this set. It shows a stable “chaotic transient” which at some irregular time (from one run to the next) eventually falls into a trap. It is supposed to indicate what may happen to the planet’s climate patterns in the future, although it is not likely in that case that the trap region will be so regular. In this system the timing of the trapping event is unpredictable.” Flickr user rabinal insists that it’s not art, though…. We beg to differ.

velocity structure by rabinal

double-well chaos by rabinal

double-well by rabinal

dbp7pp by rabinal

db2tp by rabinal

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  • these are beautiful, they remind me of the diagrams where physicists try to chart the path of electrons, and they get this crazy curlycue line that has a strange feeling of symmetry. These images have a sort of wildness that manages to fall into a pattern.