Robert Moya

Robert Moya, Mixed Media

Working with materials such as glue, pre-mixed craft paint and food coloring, Robert Moya‘s pieces are meticulously crafted using hand made materials and “dried and colored glue remnants taken from previously or simultaneously-made paintings“. Creating a cycle or as he calls it a “one process, one orientation and one modular shape” rigorous routine, these crafted “paintings” are an enjoyable mixture between a sculpture and an abstract painting. While some of them contain a variety of colors and “pieces”, he is still able to elegantly hold everything together within the frame of the panels.

12x12(green) 2009

41x47(white) 2007

12x12(black) 2009

INstallation view 2009

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  • very good photos

  • This work is visually engaging. Although I have enjoyed seeing Robert’s work many times, the yellow and black with pink painting is one I do not recall and like very much. Congratulations, Robert!

  • Wayne

    Great paintings, the new abstract style I have seen over recent years like Robert Moya’s is really changing the dead face that has been abstract style painting. While many of the abstract style artist are still turning out sofa pastel paintings Moya is pushing the envelope with materials and design, and connecting all his pieces together in more ways then just topic and titles. Excellent.

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