Goodbye Puppy Lover, Kate!


Not only has Kate bequeathed copious amounts of love and affection on Mr. Zigglez, our lil hard-workin’ B/D office mascot (which makes her good in my books) she has won all of our respect here at B/D for her amazing bit-mapped B/D graphics, lovely blog posts, and sharp as nails design sensibility! We will miss you terribly Kate. We were not so sure, seeing as your boyfriend Matt interned here first and is a very hard act to follow. Just kidding! We were sure you would totally be better than him. Just kidding! We love you both equally. Thanks again! Check out Kate’s amazing design portfolio here and view some of her works after the jump!

Pearl, Part 2 from Kate Slovin on Vimeo.


KateSlovin1 KateSlovin6 KateSlovin2

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  • PS kate- Ziggy says he misses you already

  • I miss him too!!! And of course everyone else 🙂