B/D Book 2: “What A Mess!” Video Preview

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If you haven’t heard, Book 2 is in the shops just in time for the holiday season! Get your copy now or subscribe and take advantage of our B/D Holiday Sale- 20% off all merchandise (just enter BDXMAS20 at check out!)

Supplies are limited and once we sell out they will never be reprinted. Just 1,500 hand-numbered copies of this baby are in existence! Each book comes with a hand-numbered, hand-signed silkscreen print and artist sticker- in addition to our usual 164 pages of full color ad-free art and design content.

Check the video above to see Book 2 come to life in a motion-picture preview! More info about the book’s theme, special inserts and artists below.

Book 2: What A Mess!

The artists of “Book 2: What a Mess!” all interpret the idea of “messiness” whether through disorganized methods of displaying work, or rough hewn aesthetics. Others take a conceptually “messy” approach, creating works that cause public outrage, or manipulate typically taboo imagery or themes.

In the spirit of the theme of the issue, Beautiful/Decay got a little messy ourselves, using a playfully “messy” approach to our page layouts, including crumpling photos and creating a custom typeface of childhood favorite construction materials: googly eyes, popsicle sticks and puff balls.

Book 2: Special Features

  • Hand Signed Silkscreen mini print by Cody Hoyt
    Each copy of Book 2 comes with a dazzling taco and fruit loop eating glue-sniffing guru print by Cody Hoyt. On the back, each mini-poster is hand signed and hand numbered by the artist!
  • Sticker Insert
    Custom collaborative sticker featuring a rock n’ roll wookie/Bigfoot character by Moritz Schleime.
  • French flaps & Gatefold
    Book 2’s front and back lining gatefold of the book opens out to stunning three part geometric diagrams, abstracting photos of the artists and their studios into a dizzying digital display replete with a secret code!
  • Hand Numbered Edition
    Each and every copy of Book 2’s exclusive 1,500 print run are hand numbered.
  • 164 Pages of Pure Content- No Ads!
    All traditional advertising has been eliminated, meaning 164 pages of pure, unadulterated content. Book 2 features some of the most in-depth interviews and image-rich spreads on emerging and establishing artists available today.

Artist Profiles

Jose Lerma Jose Lerma plays with traditional notions of figurative painting, manipulating dense layers and impossible impasto to create a kind of “Anti-Portraiture” that equally reveals and obscures the subject’s likenesses.
Moritz Schleime Moritz Schleime’s works playfully examine the subtext, icons and accouterments surrounding American popular music and culture, turning a “motley crue” of studded leather, electric guitars, Oscar the grouch, self-invented rock n’ roll wookies, Michael Jackson and Slash into unlikely cohorts.
Asgar Gabriel Asgar/Gabriel create modernist hyper-color Rococo-inspired tableaux that insert today’s young, beautiful and painfully stylish into the dreamy throes of timeless ecstasy, pomp and circumstance.
Aaron Curry Aaron Curry facetious approach towards object-making is a kind of tongue-in-cheek meta-sculptural practice born out of the information overload, whose conceptual framework both echoes and mocks Modernism’s heavy-hitters.
Julien Ducourthial Julien Ducourthial’s bitmap symphonies adjoin Mondrian with Macintosh to create a kind of abstract expressionist pixel push that noisily echoes today’s digitally-induced spastic synthetic sensibility.
Melanie Bonajo Melanie Bonajo explores the female body and likeness within her photography, entwining them in bizarre scenes that verge on the occult. Her works straddle household bondage and some sort of domestic esoteric rites in order to question our dependence on the material world, the “stuff” of life that binds us to the grind.
David Altmejd David Altmejd’s crystalline legions of giants, naves and mystical humans depict an army of beings in a state of shape-shifting, becoming, or transformation.
Mindy Shapero Mindy Shapero boils the supernatural world into its composite elements, crafting Zen-Koan like objects for contemplation that are equally meditative, metaphysical and psychedelic.
Ryan Travis Christian Ryan Travis Christian creates surrealist steam-fogged graphic graphite drawings that owe equal parts to peyote trips and UB Iwerks.
Tom Huck Tom Huck’s carnivalesque wood block prints take Albrecht Durer’s subjects down a hall of side-show mirrors and into a grotesque three-ring circus.

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(Audio in B/D Book 2 preview video from the Internet Archive.)

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