The “Perfect Woman”- animatronic, speechless and able to cook!

I have to admit, while the spectacle of animatronics is impressive, what struck me most about this video is the concept that the “perfect woman” not only exists, but can be created by a pair of two men….as a robot. Her purpose is for pleasing “every man, who could not find the perfect woman,” so she can “love them, understand them, while taking care of the housework.” Excuse me, but was this mindless, speechless robot-woman with unseeing plasticine-glazed eyes and pleasant vocal recognition (when spoken to) voice time warped from a futuristic 50’s, where men believed a dream woman should not actually have an opinion, but be extremely competent at massage and cooking delicious meals? Is this some kind of weird bogus Bill ‘n’ Ted time warp? (At least this robot won’t need to be medicated with speed to complete her tasks.)

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  • woah dude! WTF.
    those are some creepy students and I love how the investor didnt want to be shown.

  • They know it’s totally creepy! I bet she does..ahem…other shit that they don’t even mention, right?!

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  • Well, bomb shelter here I come. Someone let me know when the robots have won.

  • this smells like a viral hoax to me

  • MJSG

    i agree w/ SO T.O. … looks like a complete fake

  • yeah, those scientists look like hipsters…. and hipsters arent smart. im going with fake.

  • I dunno, there are TONS of Artificial Intelligence developments being created, and amazingly the sex industry are usually the first adopters of new technologies, they’re pretty closely intertwined. (Which I would assume is the implied subtext of creating these woman-dolls, they’re updated sex toys, right?) Just google artificial intelligence/robots etc and you’ll find a mind-blowing array of articles on developments in the field. Insane.

  • Tyler Durden

    You morons. This is blatantly fake. Are you really so gullible as to believe that that woman was a robot. That was just an actress with make-up on to make her look shiny and fake. With the technology in existence today, they typically try to avoid synthetic flesh that has glare. The fact that anyone was offended by this just shows that they are in a hurry to be offended and therefore missed the point that the video was made to mock that idea that the perfect woman is a Stepford wife robot. You lose. Way to suck at the internet.

  • Hoax or not, this technology completely exists! I think it raises interesting points regarding the future of these robotic technologies in general, and the potential of what they could be used for.

  • well that was a dick comment, from someone with an annoyingly cliche internet name.

  • Haha thanks Drew. Way to have a sistah’s back.

  • us ladies gotta stick together