We are Entering the Age of Wizards

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Behold, the seasons change from the quiet last grasps of winter’s hoarse breath change to the green, green pastures of the verdant future all in 40 seconds. Yes, my spellcraft is that advanced. Happy New Year!

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Robert Rauchenberg’s Monogram

Robert Rauchenberg is undoubtably one of the most important artists of our times. In this video he discusses how one of his most famous works “Monogram.”

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B/D Flickr Creative Pic Pool: Tom Hudson

tom hudson collage

On the last day of 2009 we thought we’d pick yet another dedicated B/D Flickr Creative Pic Pool members work to post on the blog. This time we bring you Tom Hudson’s hyperspectrum colored collages displayed on his Flickr page full of tasty illustrations, collages, and other eye candy. Tom is 1/4 of a collective called the ‘Nous Vous’, who create everything from drawings to noise performances. That’s quite the spectrum if you ask me.

Remember to join the B/D Flickr Creative Pic Pool as we are always looking for new ways to promote our readers & members! Here’s to an awesome new year filled with tons of visual stimuli!

Instructions For Surviving Art School!

Hot off the presses I present Mr.Julian Duron’s nutty video called “Instructions For Surviving Art School.” This video will premier next week at Nudashank Gallery in Baltimore, MD.

Lee Walton acts out your Facebook status

In self-described “experientialist” artist Lee Walton’s most recent project (though on his Vimeo, it seems the last upload was 9 months ago…), he will perform what his Friends on facebook are doing. This online project will only be viewable to those listed as Friends on the web site. The man is hilarious and ridiculously clever- I’ve added him as a friend, so should you!


NAM for Digital Temple

Nam is a Japanese graphic art collective established by Takayuki Nakazawa (Graphic Designer) and Hiroshi Manaka (Photographer). This is their special project for Digital Temple magazine.

Nouema Desire

Video by Jessie Rose Vala and Eric Nordhauser (co-owner of LA art space SHOWCAVE). Floating eyes and expanding slits. Creepy. Pretty.

Rasmus Danø

Rasmus Danø

The monumental works of Danish artist Rasmus Danø orbit the dark side of modernity: The atom bomb, the polluted landscape, the decay of pop culture back yards like Disneyland and Graceland. Using a condensed and dramatic form mixing elements of comic book art, Californian underground, and murals with the great European tradition, the large scale religious implementations of the Baroque in particular, Danø works range from the traditional painting to reliefs and singular objects.