Matt Barton

Matt Barton
Artist Matt Barton graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2006, spending his time there setting up mechanized taxidermy animals in strange and colorful situations. In “Time-O-Rama: Electric Infinity with Real Plastic,” made in 2006, there were 20 of those said motorized animals, two video projections, 5 sound cd’s, flowers blooming, leaves falling and changing colors, lightning and thunder, wine was dispensed from a nozzle sticking out of the deer’s ribs…and a partridge on a pear tree. That last one I added myself. Matt has also collaborated with Extreme Animals, hyper bitmosh-rock-band of artist Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad).

Matt BartonMatt BartonMatt Barton

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  • ahaha this is wild!
    I love it!

  • i bet this guy has a mustache and loves Coors.

    This was rad in the real live lemetellya.

  • every one of these pictures is hilarious in a great way. definitely the only right way to do taxidermy. i would kill to see these monsters moving

  • Fei


    Actually you just might able to in a couple months…it’s still a hush hush, covert operation so no more detail can be exposed 🙂

  • your secret is safe with me