Andrew Kuykendall


Andrew Kuykendall is an LA based commercial photographer- I like his  vintage washed out soft palette and use of polaroids in high fashion spreads. Oh and the pug, above. (Ziggy in a hundred years?)


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  • barney grumble

    death is certain

  • I LOVE skinny girls with no tits. Wait, no. Actually I don’t.

    Ugh I’m so bored with the Twiggy thing. A picture of a semi naked girl close to anorexia in a cheap hotel room is not art.

    but that’s just my opinion, sorry Suicide Girls.

  • For being fashion editorial, I think there’s definitely beautiful qualities to Andrew’s work, in particular his palette, use of polaroid and film, soft lighting and kitsch surroundings. To me its a nice departure from skinny girls with no tits photoshopped in high-light studio situations with body make up, but that’s just me.

  • bw

    Have a look behind the scenes of a recent shoot Andrew Kuykendall did for BMM Magazine out of Italy. The video was shot and edited by fellow collaborator Jean Pierre Caner, all on Hi8 for that gritty sexy feel.

    a desborachos hustle.