Dasha Shishkin

Afraid of certainty, 2009, acrylic, ink and graphite on canvas, 58.25 x 71.25in, image via feuer site

Afraid of certainty, 2009, acrylic, ink and graphite on canvas, 58.25 x 71.25in, image via feuer site

A couple months back Zach Feuer Gallery hosted an exhibition by artist Dasha Shishkin and it blew me away. There’s a variety of elements in this show that combined together made it so convincingly complete and mesmerizing. Upon entering the gallery you’re greeted by a cascade of paintings that are assertive, bold, and large. Starring into each one I was moved by the riveting flow of shape and colors, the figures and non-figures flowing, floating, mending and blending into and atop each other. There is a golden hue behind each painting, creating a glow and brightness that accentuates without being loud or attention-bearing. The patterns found in the background, whether floor, or wall or objects are intermingled and webbed together with the patterns of clothing worn by figures outlined in blue, black, green and red. It’s a collage of disturbed action, with no clear narrative or motivation, all suggesting some odd surrealistic dream that is subtly sexy and violent, elusive and suggestive, simultaneously jarring and soothing.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: I’ll Be Gone

Everyone knows i’m a fan of simple yet effective videos. This probably wasn’t easy to make but the concept is so simple that it leaves me feeling like like “why didn’t I think of that.” Video by Korb, music by Mario Basanov & Vidis Featuring Jazzu.

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Mel Kadel

Mel Kadel

Mel Kadel is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and graduated from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She now resides in Los Angeles (and represented by Richard Heller Gallery), in a log cabin by the 5 freeway. She works using ancient papers, tiny pens, Q-tips and glue.

MDCCLXIV updates

Yes I know French gif artist MDCCLXIV has been a subject of our blog before, but I just wanted to share this image with you guys… this is how I feel right now. Dizzy and stuffed with colorful food. Still, 2 days after Thanksgiving.

Lady Gaga is Gaga!

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical over the whole Lady Gaga thing. But her new video is a spazzy and eccentric bizarre meta-pop ditty that mocks the very genre it has conquered……Completely over the top, replete with bear skin rug mantle cape dress, snake bejeweled lime green catsuit and platforms and more. If David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust battled over clothing with Alice Cooper and Britney Spears, it might look something like this.

Jim Lambie Interview

As a musician myself I am always fascinated by the intersection between visual art and music. Jim Lambie is a musician who played in the Glasgow band Teenage Fanclub, and was also shortlisted for the Turner prize. His colorful installations often reappropriate pop cultural items in fresh ways. In this video he discusses his installation “Zobop,” which used vinyl tape on the floorspace of the Tate, to reveal the idiosyncrasies in the architecture in a dazzling floor display. Check out the Bay City Rollers album in his studio!

Mark Titchner


Mark Titchner’s esoteric aura portraits, heavy tubular bells and subliminal messages. Magical works that subversively explore belief systems the imagery that surrounds them and the other side.