Miwa Matreyek

Los Angeles-based animator Miwa Matreyek completed the above film, entitled “Dreaming of Lucid Living,” as her thesis in the CalArts Experimental Animation program. I am completely blown away by it. I’m not entirely sure how it was made, but it seems to combine live performance with both pre-made animations as well as semi-autonomous, rule based animations that update based on what a camera is seeing. The result is unlike anything I’ve seen before, completely living up to the “experimental” aspect of the program.

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Sneak Peak: Jeremy Mora @ Zuam Projects

Jeremy Mora Zaum Projects

Most people know Jeremy Mora via his gallery space POV Evolving but Jeremy is also an amazing sculptor. He recently headed to Lisboa, Portugal for a “larger than life” show at Zaum Projects featuring hundreds of sculptures.

Jeremy primarily works in sculpture creating miniature worlds out of everyday debris. Each piece is like a small planet, inhabiting tiny people going about their everyday life in a world built out of styrofoam, paint, and wood.

Congrats on a great show Jeremy! Wish I could have seen it in person.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Mosaic Man

I’ve seen the Mosaic Man’s (Jim Powers) handy work for years in NYC so it was a real treat to stumble onto this mini documentary by sahar sarshar. Mosaic Man is truly an NYC icon!

William Hundley

William HundleyTexas based photographer William Hundley is really proof that 1) repetition is not a bad idea and 2) practice makes perfect. His project Entopic Phenomenon (“visual effects whose source is within the eye itself”) has gotten a bit of buzz but I also liked his other domestic art experiments with cheeseburgers’ stacking potential and the neatest most efficient ways to store a nude body in the house.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Luis

Luis is the 2nd short video of the series “Lucía, Luis y el lobo” (”Lucía, Luis and the Wolf”). The video was shot frame by frame with a digital photo camera. Materials: charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects and cardboard.

By Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon & Joaquin Cociña


screen burnsSCREEN BURNS is a pop-up exhibition juried by Luis Gispert being held at a new little space in Williamsburg, JCIA Video. From December 11th – January 3rd look for the storefront that looks like a giant TV! JCIA Video storefront 522 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Aaron Maurer

Aaron MaurerFrom collage to film, Aaron Maurer is one talented guy. Aaron hails from the frozen tundra of the Midwest. After growing up in Minneapolis, MN, he headed East to attend Rhode Island School of Design, where he majored in film and animation. He now lives and works in New York… in a cave.