Ramsey Dau


Ramsey Dau, an LA-based artist, loves America, Disneyland and you. Well, actually, not really, but he makes wonderful art that makes you smile and cry a little at the same… only because it’s so colorful (not in the example above, obviously.. unless you’re colorblind, then I’m very, very sorry if I’ve offended you). Ramsey uses typography as artistic expression, forcing your eye to read the page and take in the flow.





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  • Karen

    I like this artist and his use of typography. Is he exhibited anywhere?

  • I don’t understand, why isn’t there a link to the artist’s work?

  • Amir

    sorry ymfy! we just added the link!!!

  • Noel

    I’ve followed this artist for a while, he has a blog that shows his newest work which is pretty incredible and he makes free “mix tapes”