Hard Hat Art


If you noticed we didn’t make a lot of posts yesterday. Why do you ask? Because the entire B/D team was knee deep in sanding, painting and other horrible acts of construction on our new office space in downtown LA. The move couldn’t have come in a better time as we have been literally crawling over boxes of t-shirts and magazines at our office. Some photos  taken during some much needed breaks after the jump!


Super intern Mike Hahn found that writing in the dust was a great way to kill time. Apparently all the dust made him yearn for crack…


Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to brand, I officially marked the office with a fancy B/D (notice the detailing on the bottom part of the “B”).


Fei also jumped in and contributed this masterpiece. It’s a pile of poop complete with a fly. I think you have a big career in front of you in sand drawing Fei!


Here’s an action shot of Mike going for a more complicated piece…


And the finished product is Cloud Man! Mike I think this internship is really starting to pay off.


Round two. My contribution, coughing dino.


Sasha came in at the end and drew this masterpiece of Ziggy the B/D mascot!


We tried to get ziggy to pose next to his portrait (complete with shades) but this is as close as we got.


The crew hard at work, or is it hardly working?

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  • MJSG

    when’s the housewarming party?

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  • Fei

    Not sure yet but you’ll be the first to know 🙂 🙂

  • Im officially more manly than anyone I know. My bunz are still achin’ from the hard work!

  • Have you seen my guns!?

  • Have you seen my pole?!

  • Awesome!!! I would love to visit and snap the place for my site. I do work out in Downtown all the time! Excited to see the finish product!