Awesome Video Of The Day: Mosaic Man

I’ve seen the Mosaic Man’s (Jim Powers) handy work for years in NYC so it was a real treat to stumble onto this mini documentary by sahar sarshar. Mosaic Man is truly an NYC icon!

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  • Michele Marie

    Haven’t seen Jim since 92 so good to see him still passionate about his work and purpose. We worked together back then when i first lived in ny. He inspired me and i had the pleasure of helping create those early posts and filling in” cracks ‘ to create beauty from imperfect fragments.We worked in the cold and wind while some looked at us as if we were crazy or why bother. It was before the time of the permit so we got questioned sometimes but continued knowing it was a good thing. At that time we were experimenting with adhesives, cement mixture ratios, and basic composition.Jim figured out the edge smoothing and best adhesive.I learned how to mix cement so good it would come out shiny in the right temperature. In the video I was surprised to see one of our walls still there in such great shape. Jim is a special person to me he helped awaken my creativity and inspired me with his passion. I haven’t seen him in about 20 years and would love to get in touch.If anyone knows the best way let me know. Remember the Kyber Pass and Madame B Jim. Michele Marie