Michael Mallis

Michael Maallis
Michael Mallis, former candidate for Pittsburgh mayoratorial race, is now a devout scientologist. He makes sloppy drawings, comics, videos and animations that rely on toilet humor. His work has been screened on every continent except Australia. You’ll weep, you’ll laugh, and you’ll knit your eyebrows in ecstatic confusion. His video Natural Selection, in particular, sort of reminds me of Fantastic Planet…and that story I read as a child about some big man lost in in the sea who woke up being strapped down by midgets.

Michael Mallis

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  • I love these! So many wondrous little patches of hair!

  • That was an awesome video. I wonder if he is a genuine eccentric – these are sort of like Daniel Johnston or Henry Darger, except instead of presenting a strange inner vision this guy is presenting a strange historical vision. I wonder what the psychological distinction is between someone who makes work about their inner world, and someone like this who makes work about the stories and theories of the past… They have to be in totally different places mentally on one level, but the work looks and feels so similiar that they must have something in common. Some sort of retarded narcissism for adults.

  • Ben Bigtime

    He is not a genuine eccentric, just a genuine retard. Incredible he was almost mayor of Pittsburgh.

  • Ben – your response just makes him more interesting, because now we’re wondering what type of genuine retard could almost win an election, and then makes these cartoons too.

  • Retards win elections all the time in ‘merica. I like this work, its like a macro/micro look at human skin for me.
    I’m kinda interested in what kind of work BIGTIME makes…

  • Haha, Jason you are calling him out!

  • To clarify, Bill, Michael Mallis is afflicted with Assburgers…he’s not “genuinely retarded” as I said earlier. He ran for mayor back in 2008; it was a cold year and the public was ready for change. He ran on a platform of “you break, you buy.”

    My soul has been linked, Jason.

  • Not really calling Ben out, although i think linking is important, I honestly wanted to see what he did. thanks Ben, I dig crater eraser.

  • ok