Todd Knopke



Todd Knopke weaves strange and wonderful quilts with heavy  titles like “A Powerful Force,” “Stoner,” and “Conservation and Revelation (A Certain Solidity).” What?!  I love the top image, of shrouded woodland mystics proffering ancient staffs and unknown orbs in the midst of whitelight/white heat/energy. I want to wrap my (technically) unborn black metal son in it while I sing him Sabbath to sleep! Who says quilting bees are just for fussy old ladies! Knopke’s sewn tableuxs shred! (Literally!)






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  • these are so cool

  • Amir

    I like the fact that they don’t feel crafty in the least bit. It’s hard to pull that off when you’re dealing with fabric.

  • I know they could easily get super-craft but I like how he elevates the material. Drew you can thank Jason for sending through this one…I guess he’s going to be in a show with him soon?

  • sasha- different show, same gallery

  • Ahh thatttts what it was. Haha!

  • ill thank him with a kiss on the cheek

  • Do I smell a bromance brewing?

  • i just know what he likes

  • sorry for ruining your street cred jason… but as i (are we allowed to do facebook crossovers here?!?!) explained earlier, you deserve it.

  • I’m blushing