Pigasus Polish Poster Art

Picture 10

I recently stumbled upon Pigasus Gallery, a Berlin based shop that specializes in Polish Poster design. I hadn’t really been aware of the specific design genre of Polish poster design, but after poking around I found a few articles stating that beginning with the period right after World War II, the Polish Union of Artists along with support from all the major art universities set rigorous standards as far as poster design, creating a rich environment that bred a plethora of creative posters that exhibited unqiue imagery as well as technical proficiency….an amazing phenomenon creating some great posters! More after the jump…Check out Liza Manelli’s stockinged legs fashioned into a swastika in the “Cabaret” poster– not sure what to make of that, anyone?

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  • these are funky, and I like the design. I don’t know about Liza Minelli’s legs turned into a swastika, except that Caberet is a critique of Nazis in Weimar Germany, so I don’t think it is pro-Nazi. The colors in the first image are pretty sweet.

  • Bill- that makes total sense! I guess I wasn’t really familiar with Cabaret so much, haha, so that sounds like the designer just riffed off the themes…thanks!

  • nice, kinda milton glasery. rewolwer is just great too