Behind the Scenes at Kiel Johnson’s Studio

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The lovely Catlin Moore of Mark Moore Gallery was so kind as to provide Beautiful/Decay with a sneak-peak at Kiel Johnson’s upcoming exhibition entitled “Publish or Perish.” If you’re unfamiliar with Kiel Johnson’s work, his  work, he creates transmorphic drawings, paintings and sculpture that seem to synthesize the ever-expanding media explosion through a kind of personal narrative. Really lovely line work, almost animation-like. Check out tons of amazing studio shots and the artist at work after the jump.







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  • this stuff is beautiful.

  • I wonder what the tube shapes are? Part of a sculpture, or rolled up drawings? I feel like there is something I am not getting. I like the main look of this stuff, sort of man craft cabinet building + jumper cable, but what is big project?

  • You know BIll that’s a good question….I think it’s part of the sculpture he’s building!!

  • The rolls make sense as a sculpture formally, it looks cool… I like the work, but feel that there is some secret organizing impetus I can’t see. Like, it feels religious and not intellectual, but I am not sure why. I hope it isn’t some ego thing like Minimalism ala Donald Judd, but something more meaningful and related to life and not to art ideas. Thanks for answering Sasha.

  • For additional information on Kiel Johnson – including images of recent work in our exhibition opening on Saturday, October 17th, his biography, and selected reviews – please reference our website at:

    You can scroll the images on the page by using the arrows (). To view an image, click on IMAGE on that webpage or on the “+” icon to enlarge it.

    All this work will be finished on and exhibition. For more information on Kiel Johnson, the opening event or additional press materials, please visit or contact:

    Catlin Moore
    Gallery Manager
    [email protected]

  • The amazing video by photographer and filmmaker Theo Jemison, documenting the making of the sculpture by Kiel Johnson, can be found at the link below:

    Check it out!