New Designs by Aya Kato!

A trio of new T-shirt designs by young Japanese artist Aya Kato just made their royal entrance into our online shop. The shirts hearken back to a fairy-tale like epoch, combining art nouveau and calligraphic-like line work to create fanciful and bold designs.

“Yamato,” itself an ancient word to symbolize “Japan,” depicts an ethereal interplanetary star-scape, with rock formations and pyramidical structures apparating amongst the bonsai trees and clouds. “Geisha” and “Chrysanthemum” depict luscious, magical female figures that call to mind warrior-princesses, elven deities and beyond.

Purchase now at the B/D Apparel Online Shop!

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  • xkx

    Really hope you’ll bring these out in girls tees too!

  • Amir

    We’re not making them in girls sizes as most girls just buy the mens Smalls. They are pretty slim fitting so the mens smalls work great.

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  • Aside from being a fan of Japanese culture, I also like Aya Kato’s art. Designs like these don’t go out of style.