Ziggy, Protector Of B/D Shirts


If you ever thought about breaking into the B/D office and stealing all the boxes of shirts going to stores think again. Ziggy the B/D mascot will hunt you down and slaughter you.  Look at the photo after the jump to see his vicious tactics. I nearly lost a finger.


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  • ziggy has officially been doggy-satalited

  • Jessica


  • why does your Pug have a lampshade on his head?
    check out my Pug’s art:

  • MIKE

    what happened to the little cone head!?

  • Amir

    Poor ziggy got his nuts cut off. But don’t judge him! He’s no less of a crime fighting, finger biting, crime dog!

  • Yes, and now he has the added powers of being able to hear his fellow space-alien brethren from mars….it’s like a receiving tower!