Miranda July celebrates the movie extra

Miranda JulyMiranda July
Miranda July, author, director, actress, photographer, master of capturing pre and post pubescent awkwardness, and as a character who has risen to status somewhat similar to that of a cult icon…has done it again. Our friend Graham at Future Shipwreck has written a nicer summary of her project than I could ever…so here it is! “In the language of cinema, extras are designed to be forgotten. Miranda July’s recent series of photos (a collaboration with Roe Ethridge), in which she unthinkably excavates background players from historically popular films and poses herself in homage to these bygone human props, is a declaration of war on the finality of culture. She dares to reverse the mandate of natural selection.” I wonder though, how she chose the particular films and extras that she did. Were they just arbitrarily picked? Or did she think aesthetically about which movies and which scenes from those movies that the most interesting looking extras?

Miranda JulyMiranda July
Miranda JulyMiranda July
Miranda JulyMiranda July

Check out more of them at VICE.

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  • Haha these are awesome! They reminds me of Gillian Wearing’s work…

  • Amos

    Just beautiful! Miranda July has been a favorite with me since I discovered her work
    a few months back. Yes..similar to some of Gillian Wearing’s work. I saw her family
    portrait show in NYC a few years ago. It was absolutely amazing.

  • kira

    this reminds me of that artist that took famous paintings, like olympia and repainted only the black background character in them on a white canvas. I think the comparisons with wearing’s work make this project sound better than it is

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