Simon Schubert’s Eery Elegance


Simon Schubert creates an austere brand of hauntingly elegant forms that remind me of the creepy twin scenes from The Shining, minus the oceans of blood-bath (though somehow, is simltaneously implied.) They straddle the realms of design, human and esoteric form, at home either in some avant-garde London hotel for millionaires or some strange fun house carnival.

Simon Schubert Sculpture
Simon Schubert Sculpture
Simon Schubert Sculpture4

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  • this is the scariest art i have ever seen. WHY DONT THEY HAVE FEET!!

  • quite discomforting. especially the figure laying down.

  • Fei

    Oh my god, I love it!

  • dave

    this shit gives me goosebumps!

  • Creepy city. I’d kill for that chandelier though.

  • yeah its still haunting me. good work

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