Kristian Hammerstad

Kristian Hammerstad
Kristian Hammerstad is a illustrator/designer hailing from Oslo, Norway. His prints for various going-ons in his hood are absolutely a-ma-zing. I’ll keep this write up very brief, just go look at them after the jump!

Kristian HammerstadKristian HammerstadKristian HammerstadKristian Hammerstad

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  • i have such a soft spot for this kind of stuff. … i just realized it says “bitch boys” too. and how can you not like those two words put together.

  • Future B/D Apparel artist please!

  • Great stuff! Love the color choices.

  • I agree with greg!

  • MJSG

    I love this retro throw-back stuff. Classic!

  • fyi: bitch boys is a dj-duo from norway. and i love this stuff