Ryo Kawanishi

Ryo Kawanishi
I’ve noticed this with many Japanese photographers: the simplicity yet complex compositions, familiar yet abstracted subject matter, and their ability to bring me back to a moment from a movie where I think definitively, “I’ve felt this before”. Photographer Ryo Kawanishi is no exception to this. Looking at his site, I feel almost like I’m listening to a Happy End soundtrack (oh wait, I am) in some Asian suburb. Without really using any mentions of locality in his work, he is able to take me there. He seems to be represented by the webgallery TRYNOME which houses other talents.

Ryo KawanishiRyo KawanishiRyo Kawanishi


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  • looks good. i’m a sucker for time stamps on photo lately. i like to think it adds a more context to the imageā€¦ or some shit. i don’t know things.

  • kira

    I love the first one