Roland Tiangco’s Dirt Poster

roland tiangcoRoland Tiangco’s dirt poster is genius… you just need to click more to check it out.


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  • Akhila

    this is such great design.
    love the interactive quality

    i want one!

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  • Hey this is Roland. Thanks.

  • great design

  • Pernille

    Wow cool, where to buy it?

  • G-na

    I must have one! Amazing design and medium use, where can I get MY hands dirty with one? I’ll pay any price for one!

  • Amber

    Where can we get these?

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  • Please see the news/blog section of my website for purchase details.
    None are available at the moment, but they are being printed now.
    Check there for updates.

  • James Dunphy

    Hey Roland. Its Jimi. Whats up?

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  • Hi Roland i’ve seen your beautiful Work today on a swiss newspaper site and i have to say, it blowed my mind. Now i’m obviously e bit to late, but is there any way a could buy one of your Dirty Hands Posters?

  • Angela

    Are these posters still for sale somewhere? isn’t in use anymore, and I haven’t been able to find a website that has these for sale.

  • we’re not sure angela.

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  • stacy

    Is there any way that I could buy this? I’ve looked everywhere and really want one!

  • im not sure stacy. you would have to email the artist directly.

  • Casper

    Hello Stacy… Have you managed to find one of Roland Tiangco’s ‘dirt poster’ ? I might have one I can sell you…

  • Casper

    Hello Angela… Have you managed to find one of Roland Tiangco’s ‘dirt poster’ ? I might have one I can sell you…

  • soakuppthsun .

    Do you hVe one for sale still?

  • Casper

    Hi. Long story short; I bought two of the posters. Then I moved to another country and since returning to Denmark, I haven’t been able to find the one I framed and put on my wall. So I have one more. I’m moving again this coming weekend, and if I manage to locate the aforementioned, then yes, I have one for sale. If I can’t find the already framed one, then I don’t really want to sell it … but I’ll let you know within 2 weeks or so. Is that ok ?