Cardon Copy

cardon copyCardon Copy is an awesome project where lame posters and flyers from around the city are pulled down from bulletin boards and telephones poles to only be redesigned and placed back to there original locations. These wild and fun designs are meant to “overpower their message with a new visual language.” Make sure to check them out!

cardon copycardon copycardon copy

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  • Man, I’m not sure how I’d feel if I had made some of these and had them replaced by theirs. They’re all beautiful but the legibility is a bit lacking on some of em.

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  • Worth

    One assumes that Cardon Copy makes all the choices–which posters, when they are re-done, where (if at all) they are placed, thus negating (intentionally) the purpose for which the original posters were placed. Am I right in that? p.s. they’re good as art–couldn’t they be both?

  • Akhila

    i’m sitting on the fence
    the new designs are aesthetically beautiful and distinctive, and from that standpoint, successful
    but i kind of feel bad for some, like the missing animal ones – you lose the original ‘pathetic’ desperation with the hyped up designs. .. not that i’ve ever been able to find someone’s pet, but i wonder how seriously i’d take the updated flyers if i ran into one.

    still, cool project

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  • I agree with Akhila. The cat one looks more like some of kind of stupid viral advertising for a movie or TV show than an actual flyer. If I ever lost my dog, I would not spend that much time designing the flyer. I would do it in 5 minutes so I could hang them up as soon as I could.