New Atlantis

Adam Shecter at Eleven Rivington, on view from September 2 – October 4th, opening September 9, 6-8 pm.  This is the artist’s New York gallery solo debut and will feature a new two-channel digital video animation entitled New Atlantis.

Shecter’s work encompasses drawing, digital video animation, performance, and sound.  New Atlantis travels an imagined geography between split worlds, above and below ground, through night and day, past and future.  Central to the work is Shecter’s interest in myth, or the attempt to account for the past or re-create lost worlds through storytelling.  New Atlantis is an unfolding animation of visual elements and sound that draws upon themes and symbols from a number of myths including Atlantis and Orpheus.  New Atlantis reflects upon our own attempts to create memory from both reality and imagination.

The format of New Atlantis is an asynchronous digital video animation presented in two simultaneously viewed channels.  The first channel to be projected onto the main wall of the gallery presents a loose narrative in monochrome.  The second channel unfolds upon a smaller monitor and articulates narrative elements of the wall projection in hyper-saturated color.  Source material for the soundtrack by Adam Shecter and Joe Winter includes field recordings, radio transmissions captured and created between stations, corrupted and manipulated digital files, and re-sung songs.

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