Sneak Peak: New Works by Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez, impasto painter extraordinaire, creates a strange a wonderful world detailing potted plants, cosby sweaters, googly-eyed owls and beyond. He recently sent me some sneak-peek shots from his studio (inside a barn in Massachusets) of finished works for upcoming exhibitions NYC and Copenhagen! Great works, and a chance to see them “in situ” before getting hung on the clean, white walls of gallery spaces. I had the pleasure of interviewing Eddie back in April….which you can read here.

Eddie Martinez Painting


Eddie Martinez Painting

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  • i love the third one. do you know how big these are?

  • They’re awesome, right! I am not sure about these dimensions, I will email Eddie today for ya….but I know one, that’s not pictured here but from the same group of work is 6×9 feet, mixed media and all are on canvas, so I imagine they are all pretty large works.

  • Drew- just got this email from Eddie:

    Hey Sasha.
    Thanks looks cool!the table that has the basketball is 5×6 ft the one with the bird is 4x5ft the plant with the white pot
    Is 4x5ft the plant with the orange pot Is 3×4 ft….

    Take er easy

    Hope that answers your question!

  • full service. thanks very much. ive never seen any of his big paintings in person, and i really really want to.