Trashed Bag = New Bag Contest Winners!

Okay, ladies. You can stop sending us pictures of your bags now. The Trashed Bag = New Bag contest has closed and we officially have a winner! Thanks to all who entered, and sorry to those who didn’t win. We feel bad for you and your gross bags. There was, however, one bag that was the most pathetic, disgusting excuse for a bag ever…


…and that bag belongs to Tammy. Tammy wins a new bag courtesy of Moop. Good job, Tammy. Now throw that filthy thing away. Runners up after the jump.

Entry from Christina. Christina, your bag wouldn’t be so gross if you didn’t keep chili fries in it.

Entry from Sylvia, who writes: “This is my bag. It is the skankiest skank of tote bags. It came free with a copy of Elle, which I had subscribed to because it was £1 an issue, and I thought it might be entertaining. It wasn’t.

I tried to wash it once, but the dirt was so firmly engrained that not much came out. Then my pen leaked into it, so I sewed a patch over it. You might be able to see the ‘French Connection’ logo jutting out from under it. I half heartedly tried to sandpaper that off, at some point. Then another pen leaked. Then the sides of the bag started splitting, so I turned it inside out (yuck) and re-sewed the entire thing. I am nothing if not thrifty. And a bit disgusting. The market bag looks like it would fit my lunch, my work stuff, and my college folder in it, and it looks nice. That is all I ask for in a bag.”

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