Yusaku Kamekura

Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997) was one of the pioneers of Japanese graphic design who was at the forefront in promoting graphic design as an essential factor of modern society, culture and art, and whose achievements helped to establish the reputation of Japanese graphic design internationally.

The symbol and poster designs for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were Kamekura’s best-known work. The Tokyo Olympic symbol is a powerful, concise design, while the posters capture the dynamism of athletes. The poster design also incorporated photos, marking the first time that a photograph was used in an Olympic poster. Other well-known poster designs include Hiroshima Appeals, a poetic image of falling, burning butterflies.

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  • May I also recommend the beautiful documentary Tokyo Olympiad? It was made by filmmaker Kon Ichikawa who was hired to shoot the 64 Olympics by the Japanese government. Some good clips on YouTube if you search Tokyo Olympiad.

  • I second Greg’s comment, recommending the Tokyo Olympiad documentary. Beautiful stuff.

  • Amir

    that first image is unbelievable. If only my paintings looked that good!

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