Marilyn Minter


Born in 1948, New York based artist Marilyn Minter has been creating these sensual, borderline pornographic images since the 80s. Her process involves taking photographs of her subjects and then (usually) painting them on a huge scale using enamel paint on metal. Yet, as Emily Davidow says, “…the paintings feel more real than the gorgeous photographs that inspire them. Illuminating the moments when things fall apart, the paintings get more interesting as your gaze lingers on after that first arresting glance and you discover the imperfections. Hand feathered layers of enamel on metal render sweat, stubble, wrinkles and freckles lush, tactile and luminous.” The paintings are huge. I can only imagine what they look like in person.


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  • MJSG

    lovvve her work. the video on her site is killer! check it out!

  • I am so ready for Ms. Minter’s rise to fame to be over! She petals fashion images as high end paintings, just another nail in the coffin of the marriage between consumerism and art. These paintings are all surface, as vapid as the beauty they portray.

    Big thumbs DOWN!

  • Robin

    Wow, these are amazing… I’m definitely put to shame. Now I have something to help inspire me to get my images more “sexy” Thanks lady, I need to research her more now!!

  • LIZZY you are soooo wrong. Yes she has used photos to generate these incredible recreations, but the amazing skill required to actually paint these images is beyond belief. I’d like to see you have a go at it!!!