Ben Bigelow

Video artist Ben Bigelow is curating an event “Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite” video screening/gallery opening tonight at 7pm (with screenings at 9 and 11pm) @ Synchronicity Gallery in LA: Deep-space excursions that reveal the dark matter of pop culture, absurdist mythologies that transcend into tear jerking dramas…all can be found in “Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite.” This forthcoming show at Synchronicity Space opens on July 31st with a video screening including 19 unique artists. 2-D and 3-D artifacts from the videos will accompany the screening and be on display throughout August. Those looking to travel through a black hole and keep your boots on: look no further. Check out more of his work after the jump.

Forged out of the post apocalyptic wasteland following the Great Tidal Wave, Los Angeles born artist Ben Bigelow seeks to analyze our culture’s reality through bizarre and immersive creations of fantasy. He is currently working on a series that compares different natural disasters to our emotional, cultural and spiritual states. Phantasmagoria exudes out of multimedia installations and videos, where a unique aesthetic follows radical content. Above all the artist is concerned with the immediate experience of art, and what emotional associations this experience lets loose. Having studied video art with Suzie Silver, electronics with Osman Khan, and robotic sculpture with Ken Rindalo, Ben Bigelow is able to realize a concept no matter the challenges. He has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and lives and works in Los Angeles.

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